OptOSS AI Clustering & Correlation

Give your Ops teams a complete and meaningful real-time & end-to-end overview of your applications and networks

OptOSS AI gives you full visibility over your entire infrastructure.

OptOSS AI autonomously sorts and categorizes individual logs and events from all of your data sources into anomaly clusters. Cross-correlation provides deeper insights into complex anomalies that may be distributed across multiple devices and applications. Clustering works out-of-the-box, with no need for direct supervision by humans by use of our AI knowledge-packs.

Key Benefits

  • Autonomously sort logs and events into manageable clusters
  • Visual and textual narrative for each cluster helps Ops to diagnose issues quickly
  • Cross-correlation helps Ops to deal with problems across all applications and network layers
  • Real-time analysis reduces MTTR in the case of an emergency

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