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Data allows us to calculate risks, evaluate options, and make informed decisions. Today, many industries face so much streaming data that the majority goes unnoticed. Consequently, critical information is overlooked, resulting in suboptimal decision-making, or in extreme cases, operational catastrophes. System Operators who manage and analyse streaming data are severely overwhelmed, and simply cannot parse through the vast amounts of data in real time to find the proverbial “needle in the haystack”. For example, 80% of outages in the Telecom Network industry are caused by human operator error, implying that current practices are insufficient to react to and avoid critical developments in real time. Consequently, workflows are interrupted, bottlenecks are formed, and ultimately: monetary losses occur.

Our Solution - OPTOSS Plus

Opt/Net presents OPTOSS - (near real-time Operator Time Optimized decision Support System for complex ICT infrastructures). OPTOSS is 14 years old and became an indispensable tool for rapid data collection for audits and network infrastructure assessments. This platform allows human operators to monitor the data-stream in its entirety, identifying all potentially anomalous events in real time. It is essentially capable of detecting a needle in an ocean of data.

Every industry has unique data streams with their own respective anomalies. While the OPTOSS platform is autonomously capable of detecting any such anomaly, understanding the nature of, and classifying these anomalies, requires the integration of an AI Knowledge Pack - a novel concept introduced by OPT/NET.

For Network Systems, OPTOSS Plus allows one to have:

  • Accurate and up-to-date very large-scale network maps
  • Exact IP address maps for used and configured networks
  • Precise inventory of installed network assets
  • Automatic configuration change tracking and archiving
  • Automatic anomaly detection and recognition
  • Automatic issue mitigation

What is an AI Knowledge Pack?

AI Knowledge Packs are trained by elite experts in their respective fields, preserving their precious expertise and skills. By ‘plugging in’ an AI Knowledge Pack the OPTOSS platform can autonomously label and classify these anomalies, understand their significance, and subsequently determine the best course of action. This means the platform can then distinguish between normal data patterns, benign anomalies, and harmful anomalies.

Use Cases?

This approach broadens the scope of our platform's use cases to virtually any industry that processes time-series data, as long as an AI KP can be developed for it. Examples include (but are not limited to): IT Audits, Cyber Security, Logistic Management, Financial Audits, etc. The OPTOSS platform allows you to remove the human error factor in the management and analysis of streaming data.

Disclaimer: OPTOSS Plus is a scalable and modular tool and this is one of the reasons why it is offered for the visualisation of the largest networks and processes in them for most challenging projects. It is used in conjunction with the OPTOSS NG-NetMS, which provides the base for OPTOSS-Plus deployment. NG-NetMS is an open source project and is hosted on SourceForge but OPTOSS-Plus is proprietary software that is developed and marketed by OPT/NET BV. OPT/NET BV distributes NG-NetMS code under GPL3.0 license and OPTOSS Plus under commercial software license. This guarantees that NG-NetMS will benefit free software and research and education communities, while OPTOSS-Plus can still tackle the challenges of the most complex and largest environments as expected from high-grade commercial product. OPTOSS and NG-NetMS suites of products has been developed by OPT/NET BV under business incubation grant from European Space Agency (ESA) in SBIC Noordwijk. The commercial version product (OPTOSS Plus) relies on intellectual property developed by ESA in the area of advanced operations concepts.