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One-to-Many (or is it one too many?..)

IP Multicast has always been anything but simple technology, but despite the complexity and its temperament, only multicast can solve challenges of delivery of the broadcast media and multicast data efficiently. Today, the multicast technology works on IP and MPLS delivery media.

But modern MPLS VPN solutions do little to reduce the complexity, although provide many benefits, which should not be ignored.

The multicast arena turned into a standard's war between different vendors, which give promises and criticize each other's technology endlessly.

But which technology is best? IP multicast or MPLS multicast? NG-MVPN or MVPN Draft Rosen? Which one to choose and which one to avoid? Which equipment is the right choice?

The true answer to these questions is not so simple and depends on many factors, some of them hidden and not so obvious. In our recent research we studied this topic in all possible details on several types of equipment available to us. Our findings were very interesting, to say the least and the search for the 'holy grail' of multicast solutions is still on.

If you are looking for vendor-independent subject matter experts in IP multicast and Multicast-VPN technologies, contact us via Contacts Links and our consultants will be ready to help you with your projects.