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Opt/Net Consulting BV Participates in the ISD at ESA in Noordwijk

Opt/Net Consulting BV takes part in the annual Industry Space Days trade show organised by European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk in The Netherlands.

Quick facts about the event:

869 Participants

576 Registered structures

330 SMEs (57,5%)

28 Countries represented

The European Space Agency offers business opportunities to the medium and small business as well as other companies active in space development, production and research through the Industry Space Days (ISD). This event is organised on a bi-annual basis starting from 2014.

It was a great opportunity for Opt/Net Consulting BV to learn about the industry, make new contacts and explore new business prospects. ISD presents the unique chance to SME to benefit from a number of pre-arranged meetings with industry leaders.

Opt/Net Consulting BV Management