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Opt/Net Consulting BV joins ESA BIC in Noordwijk

Today is a great day for all of us at Opt/Net Consulting BV!

After the long and rigorous selection process, our company was selected by European Space Agency (ESA) to join the business incubation centre (BIC) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Our product and business ideas won us a place at the BIC among other promising startups who are working on bringing space technology to Earth. Also, as part of the incubation package we received a financial grant from Dutch Ministry of Finance.

At this time, we are in the process of negotiations with ESA of the license agreement for rights to use the advanced space technology in our R&D program. Our future product will benefit greatly from the use of trustworthy and proven technology with space heritage and will give Opt/Net Consulting a significant advantage over the other competitors on the market.

The monetary grant and mentorship of ESA will allow us to start development of the prototype and to secure intellectual property rights in one accelerated programme and we are very optimistic that the new prototype will exceed expectations of our prospective customers and partners.